Art market

What affects the value of an artwork?

Whether you live in Hong Kong, London, New York, or Paris great representatives, collectors, and museum gallery owners always meet every November. This is the time of the fall auctions to exchange and bid on works of art of great…

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How to get an estimate of the value of a vase?

In order to estimate the value of a vase, you can contact a member of a salesmen team. In their groups, they have auctioneers and experts who can help you have an independent view of the market rates of a…

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How do you know if an antique object is valuable?

Many people, nowadays, own antique objects somewhere. These are in high demand and they make the object of an amazing market where everyone can have benefits. A doubt remains with their true value and some of them may not be…

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Heirs, call on an expert to unblock the estate

Succession is a common occurrence in human life. But its execution usually depends on the will left by the deceased. The heirs are entitled to the shares of the estate. But who are really the heirs recognized by the law?…

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Where to get a free jewelry appraisal?

The history that ties you to your jewelry is one of the criteria which determines its value. Nevertheless, if you are about to part with it, it is essential to know where to get your jewelry appraised online. In reality,…

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