Heirs, call on an expert to unblock the estate

Succession is a common occurrence in human life. But its execution usually depends on the will left by the deceased. The heirs are entitled to the shares of the estate. But who are really the heirs recognized by the law? Which inheritances can be claimed by the heirs? Why call in an expert to unblock the estate?

Heirs recognized by the law 

The heirs recognized by the law are the children of the deceased and their descendants without any distinction. Parents, brothers and sisters of the deceased can receive their inheritance if the deceased has clearly mentioned in his will his relatives and their descendants. The same applies to ascendants and collaterals other than parents, brothers and sisters and their descendants. As for the surviving spouse, his or her share of the inheritance is governed by the matrimonial regime of the spouses and depends on the existence of other heirs who are children of the deceased. Practically all inheritances can be claimed by the heirs, but some are not. A good advice is to consult a lawyer; Mr Expert will proceed to the estimation of the market value of your valuables.

Inheritances that can be claimed by the heirs 

The valuation of the inheritance is to be done in case the family entitled to inherit asks for it. This will allow them to realize an amicable sharing. But this evaluation is always essential in inheritance. It also happens that certain mentions concerning certain goods in the will previously established by the deceased cannot be contested by the heirs, such as donations to orphanages, social and charity centers. It is therefore advisable for the heirs to call in an expert.   

Why use a lawyer to unblock the estate?

Calling an expert to unblock the estate is indeed a good decision to avoid and resolve family conflicts. This is practically necessary in case of a dispute concerning the will and in case the deceased has taken out a life insurance policy. Only an expert in inheritance and family law can take care of the legal steps in case of a dispute. His intervention is important because he knows the validity and all the legal formalities of the will. An expert can settle the conflict situation amicably by proposing a resale solution. But which inheritances can be claimed by the heirs?   

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