How to get an estimate of the value of a vase?

In order to estimate the value of a vase, you can contact a member of a salesmen team. In their groups, they have auctioneers and experts who can help you have an independent view of the market rates of a vase. In the area of a possible sale, the specialists can also advise you on the various options available in order to sell your vase at the best price.

What is an auctioneer?

The first thing to do is to contact an auctioneer to estimate the value of your vase. An auctioneer is a generalist who works in the art market. He is also a specialist in the valuation of objects, such as vases. The auctioneer will research the vase.  He is someone who surrounds himself, to the requirement of the advice, with experts a little pointed in certain sectors than others such as, Japanese prints, Chinese calligraphy, Islamic ceramics, etc. Therefore, a first access consists in sending him photographs as well as descriptions and dimensions of the condition of the object. In addition, for people who live outside the capital, the auctioneers' agency which is located in Paris makes a verbal estimate. For more information, please visit

How much does a vase estimate cost?

An estimate of a vase is also free of charge. Moreover, this operation is created in order to facilitate the missions of public service made by the auctioneer. Since the beginning of the year 2000, however, new regulations for the public auction market have come into force. In other words, there have been some changes in the status of the auctioneer and an end to his monopoly. From an office to a liberal profession like all sectors, competition now sets the rules of the game. The estimation of the value of a vase is therefore also free.

Once your vase is estimated; are you able to sell it at a price you have indicated?

In principle, yes. Appraisal companies are careful to create an estimate that suits the minimum price which appraisers are more likely to get on the public market. And hoping that at the time of the sale of your vase, the auctions will optimize a game to sell it at a much better price. Besides, the owner of a vase can always set the auctioneer a price below which he/she will not resell. If it doesn't reach this target, your vase will then be bought back, i.e., removed from the sale. After an auction, you will have to pay some charges. The estimation of the value of an object is therefore very important.

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