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How to sell your jewelry in the best conditions?

Jewelry is a timeless fashion accessory. But sometimes, some people can part with it for financial reasons. Nowadays, there are several ways to sell your jewelry in better conditions and time. But to avoid being ripped off, you have to…

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How can I obtain a certification of authenticity for a work of art?

The certification of authenticity is considered as the passport of a work of art. It allows to identify the qualities and the authenticity of the latter. These criteria remain, in fact, the most essential intrinsic value of a work of…

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Art appraisal: how to verify the authenticity of a work of art?

For both amateurs and enthusiasts, acquiring a work of art is a lifelong goal. A painting fascinates by its artistic quality, its message and its market value. More and more reproductions are being produced in order to deceive buyers. Discover…

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What are the criteria to consider when choosing an art expert?

Insofar as there is no such thing as a silly job, there are many activities in all fields. To speak of work is to encompass all services, in return for payment. However, it is well known that some jobs are…

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Estimating your property online is a revolution in the world of object appraisal!

Everyone in their home is likely to have a treasure. Whether through an inheritance or a simple flea market find, some acquisitions can be worth a small fortune. However, the owner may not know the value of these items. To…

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