What are the criteria to consider when choosing an art expert?

Insofar as there is no such thing as a silly job, there are many activities in all fields. To speak of work is to encompass all services, in return for payment. However, it is well known that some jobs are more noble than others. Being an art expert is one of them. But like everything else, there are good and bad experts.

Having passion in your soul

Being an art expert is not for everyone. In order to excel in this field, one must have a vocation and a passion for art. Indeed, with the tons of information that must be stored, the art world is known to be boring for most. Therefore, what differentiates a good art expert is that flame that burns in his eyes when he is in front of a painting or a sculpture.

History skills

Nowadays, to pretend to be a good art expert with only passion as a background has become a futility. It is true that answering the call of art is essential to practice the profession. But without the mastery of the other competences, the expert risks to be the object of a rupture of balance, like a lame duck. Indeed, for the one who wants to be at the top of his art, a complementarity with the other disciplines is required. Among these, history is one of them. As a whole, a work of art is the equivalent of an artifact that tells a part of the life of its author. So, a good expert must imperatively know all the information concerning the work. In this case, its origin, the reasons for its creation, but also the styles adopted by the author to complete it. By doing so, the expert will relieve the conscience of future buyers by telling them all this information. It is true that the fact of integrating the work in a part of the life of its author helps to certify its authenticity. However, this procedure is not sufficient to detect the mysteries of the object. That is why another skill must be called upon.

Endowed with a technical competence

In order to demonstrate that a person is a good art expert, the last skill he must have up his sleeve is technical skill. The mastery of this skill is perhaps overlooked, yet without it the first two factors for the qualification of a good expert will collapse like a house of cards. Here, the expert must have a broad knowledge of everything that concerns wooden work, since the frame of the paintings is usually made of this material. In addition, knowledge of painting should be included in his curriculum vitae. Specifically, the techniques of aging and the identification of the different alterations due to time.

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