How to sell your jewelry in the best conditions?

Jewelry is a timeless fashion accessory. But sometimes, some people can part with it for financial reasons. Nowadays, there are several ways to sell your jewelry in better conditions and time. But to avoid being ripped off, you have to consider some essential elements.

Choose the right buyer for the sale of your jewelry

Anything can be sold: old-fashioned, broken or antique jewelry, as long as it is made of real gold. But the most important thing is to find a reliable buyer to avoid devaluing the jewel. In this case, it is necessary to privilege the sale of second-hand jewels at an antique dealer or a certified jeweler when the object is an old jewel or decorated with precious stones. In reality, the value of a piece of jewelry does not only depend on its weight, but particularly on its workmanship. In other words, it is easier to resell your jewel if it is rare or old. The buyer will pay 50% of the market value of the jewel to be sold and will resell it as is. But this price is still negotiable. In order to sell your jewel better, it is possible that small repairs are inevitable. For jewels of low value or broken, it is necessary to set the repurchase by weight.

Have your jewelry evaluated by a specialist

To sell your jewelry in the best conditions, it is important to know the value of this precious object. This is why it is preferable to have it estimated by a professional in the field before selling it. For example, it is advisable to ask for a preliminary estimate by two or three jewelers to know the approximate value of the jewel. In order not to lower the real price, it is necessary to have some information about the jewel that is being sold: the nature and alloy, the total weight, the value of the stones, the number of carats, etc.

Check out the gold price

Even if you address a reliable buyer to sell your jewelry, you should always inquire about the gold price, because the buyer is not really obliged to follow the international gold price. It should be noted that this price fluctuates continuously. To make a good deal by selling your jewelry, you should also look into the various specialized stores and consult several buyers to get an exact estimate of your jewelry for sale.

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