Roy Lichtenstein: the iconic artist of pop art!

Art is a rather complex field and to be able to understand it, one must take the time to analyze it well. Roy Lichtenstein is an artist who has made a name for himself in the art world.

Who is Roy Lichtenstein?

A native of Manhattan, New York City, the son of a real estate agent and a pianist, Roy Lichtenstein was an artist who was part of the origins of the pop art movement. Born in 1923, he did not begin his career as an artist until 1961 and since that year he has made it a full-time job. That said, he already had talent in his blood, as he managed to earn a degree in fine arts, which allowed him to earn a living, and support his family. Before starting his artistic career, several years later, he was a teacher. In addition to this, he had two children by his first wife and none by his second, with whom he eventually separated. However, his familiar problems did not prevent him from expressing his talents.

His debut in the artistic field

Roy Lichtenstein created the artwork called "Mickey look" in 1961, which also marked his debut and was also one of his most famous. In all his works, he was generally inspired by comic books and they were often the subject of advertisements. The years spent as a teacher gave him an important source for his artistic debut. Immediately, the same year, some of his works were exhibited in New York, and had a place in a gallery in 1962. It didn't take long for his work to be sold to collectors.

What made Roy Lichtenstein popular

Since the moment he decided to dive into art, he stopped his duties as a teacher to better concentrate on what he was doing. Being a pop-based artist, Roy, through his works, made sure to connect with the people. That said, he even made sculptures that were used for the Olympic Games. It should also be remembered that some of his creations have been used for advertising. Also, he is one of the artists whose works are still impressive to this day. Thus, throughout his career as an artist, he had to his credit more than 4000 works, exhibited and sold.

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