How do designer Fritz Hansen’s chairs still up to date?

With the bold style inspired by nature as well as the impeccable workmanship, Fritz Hansen designer chairs are always in style! But how are these accessories from Fritz Hansen still appreciated even today? How to recognize the real brand and why opt for an original?

Why are Fritz Hansen chairs still in vogue?

For the company, apart from the creation, the quality of production is essential. In addition, all chairs have their own particularities. They are equally sophisticated and slightly embellish any kind of room. The designer Fritz Hansen is committed to offering accessories that give you more comfort and durability. In the company, the furniture is first tested as it changes and designs before it goes into production. The chairs of the designer Fritz Hansen are highly appreciated until today because the factory respects the national and international standards about quality and environment. During the production, the designer always tries to reduce the chemical products and recycle the factory waste. Thus, it can offer a guarantee to every user and also offers a certificate that assures the quality of the product.

History of the Fritz Hansen company!

He worked as a carpenter for the city and opened his first workshop in 1872. Some time later he went into partnership with his son Christian Hansen and the company moved to Allerød. He died in 1902 and his son took over the management. He started to make high quality furniture and was very successful very quickly. He then tried to make chairs from other materials such as beech veneer, steel, plastic, etc. so the company became a furniture publisher and works with many designers.

Why buy an original in furniture?

There are many reasons to choose the real brand. First of all, it is elaborated in the respect of the intellectual stage of the designer. The European safety standards are also respected by the publishers including the Fritz Hansen designer collections which allow you to avoid electrocution or premature breakage. Buying original product allows you to make an investment. These pieces of furniture do not lose value quickly. On the contrary, there are some that get even more value. By choosing the original Fritz Hansen chairs, you opt for first-class materials, modern technology and several rigorous controls during the manufacturing process. And above all, you also benefit from various after-sales services.

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