Open Source Website Design and Development

Open Source Website Design and Development

Just In Case You Don’t Know What An Open Source Website Means:

Unlike how technical it sounds, an open source website is designed and developed based on a platform that is being technically maintained and updated by millions of designers and developers through online communities. An open source program is based on a publicly disclosed source code that can be copied, modified, updated, or customized as per the website owner’s will. If you are wondering why should you care about an open source programming when you already know a competent designer and developer who can create your website from scratch, here’s the simplest answer- your website developers can create your website based on the open source software, but you no longer need to depend on him for petty modifications and updations. When you get a free-of-cost open source content management system, you can add, edit, modify or remove textual, graphical or media based content to your website or blog. When you have an entire community of developers and designers working hard to maintain and update your open source web design software, which you don’t even need to pay; all your website maintenance hassles disappear the moment you decide to get an open source website design.

Let me brief up a few benefits of opting for open source website design and development:
  • Open source websites are based on responsible and well-built development architecture
  • They come with a variety of plug and play modules to choose from
  • No more vendor lock-in hassles
  • Open source interface is user-friendly
  • Design and development costs become nearer to the ground
  • Quick and easy development and maintenance
  • Large community support from developers worldwide
  • Receptive design with a lot of flexibility and customization options

With all this and more, open source website design and development is becoming largely popular among website builders and virtual real estate owners out there. Why I personally prefer open source content management system is basically because of their reliability, using Joomla or Drupal, for instance, is definitely more reliable than creating a CMS that not only takes a lot of time and effort, but also involves high propriety license fees. These open source web design software programs have been designed and maintained by expert developers who work in an online community to keep up the stable softwares, create contributed modules, patch bugs, and produce high-quality websites based on them. Whenever some changes or modifications are required, the source code is readily available to access. Not only this gives us the freedom from saving and securing the source codes, but also saves a lot of time and energy that I personally prefer to divert to the creative part of designing a website. Most open source platforms provide ample opportunity for customization with oodles of flexible options for open source software customization. What else would a designer ask for? What else would a developer desire? And, what else would a website owner need?

Let me introduce you to some of the most prominent open source content management systems: Joomla!

Something eBay is using is sure to be a big-shot! Joomla is definitely one of the most powerful and the most sought-after CMS that not only designers and developer prefer, but website owners love too. Joomla has a rich source for extensions, designs and plugins to ensure your website gets all the features it deserves. Drupal

Their tagline- “come for a software, stay for the community”; is well justified looking at the extensive developer community that Drupal provides. With ample designs, Drupal has something for everyone. No matter you want a simple blog or a highly professional corporate website; with Drupal, you will get the most desired design you can ever expect.

Open Source Software Customization

If you’ve already browsed through all the popular CMS options, and none of them is able to satisfy you to the core, I’m sure I can build up an entirely customized Content Management System to cater to all your needs. No, I’m trying to challenge Drupal or Joomla; but all I mean to say is- when I know your personal preferences and understand your business model, I’m definitely able to provide you with a custom solution that has each and every part of the website designed bespoke to your needs. So come to me with your clear or blurred requirements, and I’m sure we can together figure out what’s best for your website.

If you also think you would prefer to get your website built using an open source web design software, you’ve just come to the best place you could! I love open source website design and development because the user-friendly, dependable and affordable open source document management system is the best solution there could ever be for flawless website development.

Give me a call or fill out the request form, so that I can get back to you to put forward some amazing ideas and tips for your website development. No matter you want your website to be developed on Joomla, Drupal or Magento; I can be your best bet to ensure your web visitors simply love staying on your website!