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If you are a designer, you already know what value Google fonts have. They offer a basic library of typefaces which is the best that you can wish for. But hacking is required if you want to add them to a WordPress theme and to end this issue, web designer Eric Alli has come up with an excellent Google Webfonts plugin for WordPress which will allow anyone to make use of the Google’s font collection.

Very easy to use and completely free, Google Typography is certainly a must for every designer. These are the steps that you can follow to use the font of your choice live on your site.

1. Install Google Typography
2. Go to Appearance>Typography settings
3. Click Add new to add new type style
4. Customize text using live preview
5. After setting the font, enter CSS selector to apply
6. Hit save

The font is ready to be used on your website.
There is also a register_typography function available to enable theme developers to quickly add Google fonts to themes. It makes adding a font as simple as this:

if(function_exists(‘register_typography’)) {
‘page_titles’ => array(
‘preview_text’ => ‘Page Titles’,
‘preview_color’ => ‘light’,
‘font_family’ => ‘Lato’,
‘font_variant’ => ’300′,
‘font_size’ => ’45px’,
‘font_color’ => ‘#252525′,
‘css_selectors’ => ‘.page_title’

The plugin is only at version 1.0 for the moment and as you can see above there is no tracking settings or line height for now. But we sure will see such additions in the future.

Owing to the immense use of the Google Typography plugin, I suggest that at least download it once and try it. If you like Google fonts and want to integrate them to WordPress sites, well, this is the way out!

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