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mobilel website desing development

Do you want your customers to reach you whenever they are most relaxed, comfortable and at ease? If yes, you need to build a mobile website! That doesn’t literally mean you have to do-it-yourself, but you have access to experts who specialize in mobile website design & Development. Well, that’s why you are on my Mobile Website Design & Development page right now, but let me start by telling you quickly what a mobile website really is and why you need it.

What’s up with a Mobile Website?

Definitely, your desktop website will open in mobile devices too, but why do you need a mobile website is quite an easy question if you are asking me! The Best Mobile Site Design is a simplified version of a desktop website that is designed specifically keeping the needs of mobile users in mind. Your user might be relaxing in a lounge, travelling/driving, or in a waiting room when he or she either quickly or leisurely wants to go through your website. Mobile Website Design & Development is done taking into account various aspects related to your user’s convenience. After all, a happy user means more business! Let me just boil it down for you:

  • Mobile websites load faster than full websites. They are expected to load in less than 5 seconds, but that’s only possible when you hire an expert to Build a Mobile Website.
  • They are easy to access with handheld device-friendly features, easy scroll and swipe, larger buttons, simplified menus and product catalogues and everything else that makes browsing easy-on-the-go!
  • Provide immediate information that a user would quickly want to check out or refer to.
  • Mobile websites are designed to fit a small screen so that your client doesn’t have to pinch, stretch, drag or slide around to browse.
  • Location maps for easy driving directions.
  • Click to Call option that boosts the sale conversion for businesses drastically.

This was about the convenience of your web visitor. Now let’s take a look at the benefits mobile website offers you and your business:

Apart from the fact that you can reach your customers more often through a responsive mobile website, you also get the flexible website that can be customized to your client’s needs. When you have a mobile website, your prospect clients can reach you whenever, wherever, and so do you! That’s a direct advantage and an additional avenue to your business marketing. When you are easily found by clients on-the-go, your sales and conversions unswervingly boost up.

Still wondering why you need a mobile website? Here is yet another set of reasons:

#1 Get more clients

Mobile internet usage is increasing worldwide by leaps and bounds! When you have a Smartphone in your hand, you have all the super powers to browse through the entire world with a few thumb strokes and finger tapping. Most internet users prefer mobile devices, be it a smart (or super-smart) phone, an iPod or a futuristic tablet PC, than scrolling up and down with a desktop PC’s mouse. It’s all about handiness, ease and tendency (usually driven by habit). In the past one decade, mobile searches have increased by 400% and the number of mobile users is still escalating! Well, I’m not doing any research on searches, but being in this field, I do stay updated with stats, research reports and figures. 40% of Google searches come from mobile devices, so are you sure you’ve not been missed by a prospect?

# 2 Retain existing clients

This is not about a mobile website that helps in retaining existing clients, but a well-organized, nice and inviting mobile website that helps clients to stay; like I said some time back, happy customers mean more business. More than this, let me put it this way- a smooth browsing experience you offer to your clients matter a lot in terms of sale conversion, while a bad experience might provoke your client to try your competitor’s website. Surely, you don’t what that!

# 3 Deliver What Your Client Wants

Users prefer mobiles over desktop PCs for browsing mainly because they want easy, quick access. If your mobile website takes longer than usual, or is not bespoke to the user’s needs, your web visitors aren’t expected to stay. Sounds nasty, but it’s true! That’s why, you need experts like me. If you don’t believe me, try my own mobile website.

# 4 Connect with Clients

Mobile websites go viral when users are able to share the links on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and cross-platforms for mobile messaging like WhatsApp. Sharing links just becomes a practice when you are mobile!

What to Look For Before Hiring Someone to Create Mobile Website


Creativity has no end; that’s a truth, but creativity has to have a start. That’s true as well. Most web developers claim to be designers just because they are familiar with some web designing tools that are often used to Build a Mobile Website, but they often overlook the honest meaning of what they call themselves. Designing is a wonderful profession that involves a lot of creativity, art, patience and most of all – passion!


Skills required for Designing Mobile Websites incorporate Web Design (to say the least), Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Applications, Logo and Graphic Designing and UX Designing.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, PHP, and CSS3 are just a few expertise that are required to do justice to Website Design & Development.

Although I’m a web design and development expert and not a writer to be able to articulate my skills and adeptness, but when I take a task, I get too fussy about being perfect! I cannot be hasty in project completion, just because I have another order waiting; rather, I put in all my efforts with a lot of passion and patience to ensure what I deliver to my client is flawless and impeccable. I pay attention to the details and provide a customised solution precise to your business needs.

I also have some wonderful ideas in mind to share with you that will not just make your mobile website more appealing to your audience but will also make it easy for your web visitors to reach you.

If you don’t believe my words, take a look at my portfolio and testimonials from my previous clients and only then Contact Me!