Hire the Right WordPress Programmer to Make Web Design Easy for You

Hire the Right WordPress Programmer

If you are planning to launch a website of your own and you have decided to hire a WordPress programmer for the same, you should go for an expert who can easily help you out with every aspect of it. One of the facets of a WordPress website is the shortcode which helps technically untrained professionals make the most of their site or blog. These code snippets are like shortcuts and can deliver a variety of functionalities.

So if you are after a WordPress web designer, you should choose to hire a professional who can easily help you out by leveraging shortcodes on your site or blog. If you want to search new themes on WordPress then integrating the shortcode ‘most_popular_post’ would do the trick for you. These shortcodes are framed using the WordPress shortcode API and offer a variety of functions and trick to manage a WordPress site design.

Introduced for the first time in version 2.5, basic knowledge of PHP is required to create them. This is how you can go about it.

  • First create the function which is then called by WordPress to find the shortcode
  • Registration of the short code with the help of a unique name
  • Linking the registration function to a WordPress action

As shortcodes can easily be manipulated several parameters can be added to make them more fruitful. The best way to make the most of the WordPress platform is by hiring a WordPress programmer who is well versed in shortcode parameters and has enough experience with developing shortcodes.

There are two functions which are to be used:

  • shortcode_atts() function – This helps combine the user shortcode attributes with the native attributes which then fills up the defaults.
  • extract() PHP function – With this you can extract the shortcode attributes.

Offering some content as an argument is the best that good shortcodes can offer. For this, the WordPress programmer needs to use the content parameter in the callback function adding it as the h3 heading before the list. If you are familiar with HTML tags then the same applies for enclosing the shortcode.

When you know how to create shortcodes and add parameters to them, it is important to understand how to integrate it with widgets. You do not need to be an expert WordPress programmer for the same.

Not many of WordPress designers for hire have the right information of the details of shortcode. Hence it is advised that you analyze the skills of the person before you hire him for the task. Shortcodes are certainly fun when you are familiar with them so make sure that you get the best out of them.